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Dec. 19th, 2006

LOst Addiction

LOST. I’m so hopelessly addicted to the show and the fact that in every episode there is some new twist that makes me wants to scream and say “JUST EXPLAIN IT ALL NOW!!!” So I don’t have to watch them all. But I can’t stop, I spent all Saturday on the couch watching disc after disc, the only time I moved was the go to the bathroom or grab the phone to order food. I was glued and I want to know why? I normally hate T.V shows…..


When I watched the first few discs I got to the point where if Charlie had died, I was going to stop watching, then I got happy when Boone died and Claire had her baby via natural. The whole one death and one life, then that stupid hatch and those damn numbers. It used to be the only thing I thought about was RPG’ing and now it’s “ I wonder where the polar bears came from?” or “ What happens if they don’t input the number when the clock count downs.” I’m pathetic. I even thought about making a Lost Rpg where the characters would start out after the plane crash, of course they couldn’t use the actual characters from the show. Each month would be a day and or night, I would email everyone with the details as in weather, food rations, water rations and random items that could either be weapons or helpful. Then have a day where I email certain characters with “suitcases” and list the items in it.


I know it sounds crazy, but I’m almost there…HELP…PS..all your avatars don’t help me any either…Is it true that I’m not alone? Or are there others? Muwhahah…


Dec. 17th, 2006

Peter Pan

: Peter Pan
Alias: Peter, Pan or Boy
Race: Human
: Male
: Forever a boy of 15
: None of direct blood, though he does consider Tinkerbell family.
: Neverland
: Collector of ‘forgotten’ children and Killer of Pirates.
: Peter is a very outgoing, friendly boy who loves nothing more than a good challenge. He has a very innocent curiosity about everything in life, and though he might not exactly know what or how something works, he often pretends he does. Peter enjoys life and ALWAYS wants to have a good time. He is careless about subjects that are deemed for adults and doesn’t think once about them involving him. Most all of Peter’s intelligence has been self taught and learned threw trial and error. Most might label Peter as being ‘hyper-active’ due to his bursts of energy and drive. Peter is very loyal to all his friends and would do anything for them. He is protective, vengeful, cocky and fearless to most extents.
: Peter is around 5’5, thin with tan skin and underlining youthful slim muscles. His hair is a sandy blonde with piercing green eyes. Peter’s clothing ranges to anything, Mostly cloths given to him by the Neverland Indians or stolen items off of the Jolly Rodger and many other places.
: Peter is a hero, who is afraid of mostly nothing. He is able to fly without the help of Tink’s dust. Peter’s stealth attributes to his being a thief. He steals anything from items to other children’s ideas, labeling them as his own. Peter is extremely avid at sword fighting and playing the panpipes. Peter’s age has a lot to do with his speed and agility for Peter rarely tires and is often bouncing off the walls.
Weaknesses: Peter hates all adults; mostly women due to his anger against his mother whom he believes forgotten him. Peter’s cockiness has caused many squabbles between him and his friends. He is not afraid of anything besides his nightmares. His fearless attitude when it comes to fighting has not hurt him yet, but there are is always a first time for everything. Peter has remained a child mentally, because he cannot feel or see the effect that the pain of death has on him or those around him.  

Peter’s obsession with Captain Hook often gets himself and all his friends into dangerous situations. Peter is oblivious of romantic thoughts or actions, his mind state is of a child who only want to have fun.
Close Friends
: Wendy, John, Michael, Tiger Lily, Lost Boys and most all of Neverland’s residents.
Sworn Enemies
: Captain James Hook, ALL PARENTS and Pirates.
Hobbies: Flying, carving, pretending, talking to Neverland creatures, messing with the pirates and Captain Hook, Collecting lost children and bring them to Neverland.

Brief History: Peter’s early life is a mystery for he was too young to really remember what happened. He remembers Tink from a young age and credits her as his savior and companion. She was the one who took him to Neverland and showed him the ropes. Soon Peter ventured back to search for his mother, whom had forgotten all about him. Peter than started to collect those children who were in turn, too forgotten and brought them all the Neverland to show them a life of care-free fun and glee.

But this was not enough; Peter had found himself yearning for a mother figure. So it was no surprise when he had found his way to an open window where the children told stories of Pirates and adventures. He returned many time back and forth, relaying stories to the lost boys. One night Peter was spotted, he tried to flee but his shadow was too slow. It got cut off by a slamming window and the two were separated. The nest night Peter returned to the house, trying to find it and stick it back on. It didn’t work and in anger kicked the bed that Wendy slept in, awaking her.

She helped put Peter’s shadow back on, he in turn took her and her two brothers to Neverland where there have been many adventures since.

Player: Jo

Contact: AIM: Jhmcintyre214

Model: Jo Milnes

Fable Information:  The boy who wouldn’t grow up.

Fable Quote: “I always forget them after I kill them.” J.M. Barrie

Abigail Rosewyn

Full Name: Abigail Rosewyn
Adeline; Grandmother, Silas and Siara; Parents, Graham; Brother, Bonnie, Bennett, Harper and Quinn; Half Siblings.
Wyngate Lane
  Part time College student and Tea Party baker.
The Rosewyn Family Coven
Element: Earth

Gemstone: Emerald
Color: Brown
Personality: Abby is a very friendly, kind-hearted person. She has a warm and sense of peace in almost everything she does and is rarely one to ever cuss or get angry over trivial things. Abby is at home in a group of close knit friends or even alone valuing silence. She always gives everyone the benefit of the doubt, trust easily and is extremely reliable. Abby is often the mediator is situations with an eye to look from both points of view. She is extremely optimistic and can look at many problems and see ‘the glass half full’, she likes to give hope to ideas and is very supportive of friends and family. Very rarely is any subject taboo and Abby with either talk about it or try anything once. Abby retains a respect for all thing living and none while understanding that all things come to an end. She can often be too friendly to a annoying point and have ‘dumb blonde’ moments regularly.
Strengths: While Abby’s element is Earth she loves to try and work with water, while fire somewhat scares her. Abby cannot make plants grow or heal like she wishes she could, she is simply too young to have learned much in her time. However Abby focuses more on the effects of one herb with another and what they do together. Abby is often found trying to make lotions, body washes, candles, and soaps made from nature.  Abby has started to listen more to the trees and plant life, though not much has come from it. Abby has been trying her hand at writing small spells for simple things, it hasn’t worked yet.
Weaknesses: Abby is too quick to trust and has found that many people can and will take advantage by that one trait alone. She rarely comes to anger which is because Abby’s personality is faulty; no one can be that nice and even Abby herself knows it’s a shield to protect herself from anyone getting to know the truth about her. Though Abby is slow to rise to anger, it is fierce and large. She can throw tantrums, slam doors and pout like a child. Abby rarely knows that she wants out of life and has a hard time making decisions. Abby written spells are a disaster and she has been asked by her father to stop it at once, for example she had written a spell to cause a light rain, instead the pipes busted in the house, flooding it.
Physical Appearance: Abby’s face is soft and pleasant with eyes that often switch between two colors, mint green and baby blue depending on what she is wearing. Abby loves the sun and the outdoors, her skin retains the sun kissed features that the hobbies have given her, while in the winter is turns pale with a rosy hue. She is not very tall, though in girl standards it’s enough at, 5’5’’ and a 115 her figure is frail and gentle. One thing about Abby is her smile, very bright and welcoming.
Special Notes: None.
History: Abigail was born the eldest daughter to Silas and Siara Rosewyn; however before their union Silas had four other children with a woman named Winnie, all of those older than Abby. Abby grew up loved and supported though she felt the strain between the family when it came down to Silas, Siara and Winnie. She has tried to be close with ALL of her siblings, they are family and nothing else matters to her.
Player Name
: Jo
: Bloodyrazorblade_kisses@yahoo.com
Character Image
Models Name
: Sophie Monk
: I hope she looks about the age I have her down for. If not I can try and find another model to use.

Dec. 15th, 2006


It's been one of those days where the ONLY thing I can think about it Rpging and making characters. I looked at the Hope site and emailed the Hope account about taking up Abigail Rosewyn and Benjamin Nipps. I got my muses for them both and don't want to loose it, which is why I already did thier profiles. lol.

I also needto do my cop for Blood, PIA leader or whatever you call it, older guy with a kind geniune smile and kind heart. Perhaps too nice for the job and underestimates alot, including his own wife. I also need to do my Therapist to the Rama ( I forget the position name,,Hana-something, why did I make them so difficult?), I was thinking about using Christopher Walken. Could you imagen him asking the Rama, " So how does that make you feel?" Ha.

Latley I've been sucked in the T.V. show lost and are in utter love with it! A friend insisted I borrow Season 1 and I did, damn her for pulling me away from my beloved computer. Right now I'm eating mini chocolate donuts and I can't stop. I think it's really funny how keep shoving them into my mouth when I'm full and getting nasuea. Maybe I should sue?

OK does anyone know the Dust RPG link, I can't find it anywhere and I wanna browse and decide if I should join. I'm rusty on my LJS stuff, but when Ivy showed me the site it had plenty of info so I'm not worried. 

I was also thinking on my PIrate Rpg, I might call it Bones, though people might get confused becuase of the TV show. Therefore it may be any of these:
Skull and Cross Bones
Cross Bones
Dead Man's Tale
Ahoy: A Pirate Based RPG ( Which I like, it's a wee bit funny)

K now Im off to look up Pirate things

Dec. 14th, 2006


So yesterday I was talking to Tiff about SEEMS. I can't wait for it to get up and running, though my mind is full of ideas for the layout, ect. She sent me TONS of pictures, all of which i love so much that it is making it difficult to decide. The 'ennie, meanie, minei, moe' method may come into play with this one. I also looked at the Dust site and I'm a like intimidated. I want to join but have no idea where to start, like when I first looked at the Glitta site, eek. LOl, But thanks to Rissa on that one, I made it through and have yet to post. But I will, damn it, I want to, I love that picture and the profile. So back to Dust, I was thinking about joining but I'm already heavily invested in AG, Blood, and soon to be SEEMS which is possibly just me going to play about two characters. I also want to join Hope, but I want to do a request, anyone have one? Im BLOOD I'm going to make a character who is a starving artist, a violinist to be exact. There is this awesome pic of Johnny Depp that I'm dieing to use for this guy. I was thinking human, but maybe not. 

Here are a few picture's I'm wanting to use for either Hope or Dust:

For some reason I love Sophie Monk!

I found her when I was thinking of Olivia possibilities, she's cute enough.

Then I saw Saved, and thought Hey, she reminds me of a lycan, wolf or rat?

She might be good for Dust?

Ok well anyways, I just got done posting for Amarus and Holly, next is going to be Kai and Sylvia.

Dec. 7th, 2006

(no subject)

I am having a horrible time posting for Luke; there is absolutely nothing for him to do besides fallowing Alistair around. I really like the character but I’m at a loss with him. Something needs to happen to the Pard in a big way, perhaps a war between half and half or something. I don’t know!

God I am so tired of watching Beerfest, my husband will not stop watching it. It was funny the first and even the second time around, but the third and fourth times were annoying and bland. It’s Wednesday night and my shameful addiction comes on Television at 8 o’clock. I have no idea why I am addicted to watching America’s Next Top Model. Perhaps I like to see girls bitch at one another over stupid details?

No One is on AIM besides Aud, where are you all!!??? I have so many things to talk to everyone about. I so need to get started on my characters but I’m at a loss for muses, will somebody be my muse?

Lately it seems like all my characters are lame, I need fresh new ideas with new faces. Well I’m bored and tired and want to go to bed but have a mound of laundry that needs to be washes as well as dishes, I hate cleaning!!! Well there was my complaint for the moment. God I have Pirates on the brain and normally I don’t really like them. Perhaps I’ve found inspiration.

Arg, yoo-hoo and a bottle of Rum.

I have decided that after Seems is up, which shouldn’t take too long, I’m going to create a Pirate based RPG. I think everyone needs a change away from Vampires and Were’s as well as witches and everything else. So in this RPG which I’m either calling Devil’s Isle (which is also the name of the island in which the RPG is taking place.)

Devil’s Isle is a rather large island with lush forestry on one side while the other is occupied with bars and brothels of magnitude. The RPG will have to deal with a rivalry between two or three different Pirate groups. Each groups will be listed beneath the name of their ship, Captain comes first of course. I think one of the ships should be named, Sea Shanty or something like that. Perhaps the other is named Red Ruby or something, which I think should be a all female Pirate group or something with the Captain named, what else but. Red!

There should be wenches, guys with parrots and wooden legs, Rum and scurvy lol.

Reply if you think this is a good idea.

Dec. 6th, 2006

random thoughts

OK I finally posted for my Blood characters, after a week or so of being under a virus attack, so YAY. I am going to post for ALL of my AG characters tomorrow, so to those who are either waiting on me or have any of my character’s included in a conversation, you don’t have to wait much longer. I also so many characters to make and finish up and so many ideas are going in and out of my head.

I was thinking about my PIA character for Blood and decided that I want to change the idea for his model, perhaps using Kiefer Sutherland or Mel Gibson, stretch there huh?

Also I had some random idea about making a Pirate based Rpg, though I know little on pirates it seemed like a good idea at the time.

With the movie Eragon coming out it makes me wish Seems was up and running, Tiff we need to get on it soon! Lol.

Also one last note, when I was younger I read this book called Blood or Chocolate, about werewolves and humans. Basically a werewolf pack lost their leader in a fire and is struggling to keep it together and move on with that huge loss on their shoulders. It follows the story of a teen and her dealing with human interactions in a high school. So mainly it would be just humans and wolves.

Nov. 28th, 2006

New Character

Ok, today while I was working I reflected on the evil vampire kidnapping plot and Kissa bringing in some scary vamps. So I started to think about what made me uneasy, one being cannibals. So I thought it might be neat for a vampire to have kept a lycan who only ate human/lycan parts. So here is a few things I got so far.

Name: Lily Fairchild
Species: Hyena, made (of course)
Age: Undecided.

If anyone wants to have anything to do with this character let me know, either a master or anything...

Nov. 26th, 2006

Mikayla Aleera, Were-Lioness

All people in her profile are open to play!!

Quote: “You’ve got to make me an offer that cannot be ignored. So let’s head for home now, everything I have is yours.”

Name: Mikayla Aleera
Alias/Nicknames: Mickey, Kayla, Kay.
Sex: Female
Species: Made Lycan, Lion.
Ethnicity: American
Age: 25
Position: Dominant
Occupation: Tattoo-ist@ Cat Scratch
Residence: Sahara

Parents: Anthony and Veronica Aleera.
Siblings: Laney and Fawn (Older sisters), Scout (Younger sister), Daniel (Younger brother)
Children: None.
Significant Other: Open.

Appearance: Kayla is tall standing around 5’8 with a slim athletic build and fiercely long legs. Her curves are focused mainly around her hips leading to a well endowed bottom. Her hair is a rich blue-black, long with bangs hovering over large doe like honey colored eyes. Kayla is not really a girly type though she often does have her finger and toe nails painted some crazy color. Her beauty is a very natural beauty for Kayla rarely does the whole nine yards when it comes to make-up or dressing up, as far as she daily does is eye liner and mascara.

Dress Style: Kayla prefers a lot of vintage items such as shoes, tight fitting shirts, belts with buckles and even rings.

Marks/Scars/Tattoos: Kayla is covered in many Japanese inspired tattoos such as lotus flowers down both arms in bright pinks, purples and yellows with some grey and black. She also has a large dragon down her back and hips, another lotus flower on top of each hand. Kayla has a bite mark on her right side from the lion that attacked her. As well as tattoos, Kayla as piercings such as a Monroe (upper lip), septum and ears done twice.

Carried Possessions: Kayla is rarely seen without her cell phone and chain wallet.

Personality: Though Kayla may seem like a quiet awkward girl she knows her place in life and is not afraid to admit it to anyone. She is as straight foreword as they come and about as honest. She is dependable and commits well to any cause she has found important enough. Most of these soft traits are mixed in with a toughness that comes with being a lioness. Kayla is very much a tomboy and does not shy away from many things proved taboo. Kayla is not extremely book smart though much of what she does know comes from personal experiences or the internet. Kayla likes people and even more so enjoys meeting knew people, she is however quick to judge on small facts and is very weary to those she is close to.

Kayla is comfortable with her body and is often seen in few cloths or less, however this does not mean she flaunts everything about. Just simply put that she knows what she should do and what not to do around people. Kayla has a soft spot for about any male she meets be they friends, foes or leaders. She is intoxicated by the extreme male dominance and fierceness that many excrete, once hooked she tends to stay around for a while before finding a goof ball reason to end the relationship and move on to another.

Hobbies: Kayla loves art, mostly drawing and inking subjects. She loves doing either print work or original pieces, many of which she draws up herself. Kayla is looking to make a name for herself in the ink business and is very dedicated to her job as an artist. Kayla also enjoys drinking and bar hopping.

Talents: Kayla has many of the perks that come with being a lycan. Her speed as increased, she has become much stronger and can heal faster than humans especially after shifting. Her senses have improved greatly allowing her to see, hear and taste things more so than humans. Kayla is a dominant and with that comes the ability to not change at the sight or smell of blood or sex. She can also help calm a lesser beast though that rarely is the case.

Kayla does tend to have a business mind frame which helps in stressful situations or problem solving. She is quick to react and often does so before her mind has time to catch up with her body.

Weaknesses: Silver is the main weakness to any lycan and Kayla is of no exception; wounds caused by silver heal humanly slow and in many cases cause death. In her business Kayla deals with many types of customers including humans, she must be extremely careful to not infect anyone during any process in her shop. Even more so she is responsible for those who work under her and the rare moment that one of them many either shift or infect a customer. Kayla does not hide the fact that she is what she is, many find this difficult to consider and shy away from her before she has a chance to get to know them. Kayla does not have many friends outside of the lycan community.

Kayla does date a lot and if they happen to be human she must take careful consideration. She can refrain from shifting during that moment yet the want and desire to rip through them like a steak is still lurking in the back of her mind with the beast stalks behind her eyes. Kayla also has a soft spot for those weaker than herself which is seen as a big deal whenever the subject arises, though most of the time she keeps her mouth shut.


Player’s Name: Jo
Email: Bloodyrazorblade_kisses@yahoo.com
Model: Unknown
Quote Credit: www.darklyrics.com, Cradle of Filth re-done, Temptation.

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